Python Brasil [10]

Talk "Enterprise level Python"

by Łukasz Nowak , Leonardo Rochael .


Trilha: English
Nível da audiência: Iniciante
Idioma: Inglês
Estado: Aceita


Łukasz Nowak

Python coder in "corporate" environment of "corporate" apps.

Leonardo Rochael

Pythonista profissional desde 2001 e um dos fundadores da Associação Python Brasil. Estava lá ajudando quando o Serpro se convenceu a usar Python para seus portais e agora trabalha para mostrar que é possível administrar grandes empresas com Python.
Twitter: @LeoRochael


It is common knowledge by now that many companies, including very large enterprises, use Python. One just needs to take a quick peek at the list of companies sponsoring Python conferences worldwide. Still, Python is usually not the first technology that comes to mind when people think about enterprise, and specifically, enterprise systems. In this presentation we will go over some cases where Python is being used successfully as the (main) programming language behind Enteprise Systems. Then we'll focus on a specific framework, ERP5, and show how its Unified Business Model is flexible enough to model the business and processes of any enterprise. Finally, we'll present a system, still under development, to manage patient care in a Home Health Care setting. This system not only manages the prescription and procedures of each patient, making sure that they happen on time, while making sure appropriate resources are available to the healthcare professionals, but also monitors the state of the patient to handle deviations from the expected patient evolution, and also acts as Decision Support System, guiding the doctors in prescribing the most appropriate care for each patient, according to established medical protocols.