Python Brasil [10]

Talk "Bokeh: Powerful Interactive Visualizations in your browser."

by Damián Avila .


Trilha: Science
Nível da audiência: Iniciante
Idioma: Inglês
Estado: Aceita


Damián Avila

Damián Avila is Python/JS developer from Argentina. His interests are Data Science, Visualizations and Jupyter/IPython-related projects. He has made meaningful contributions to several open source projects, and now he is a core developer of popular ones, such as Jupyter/IPython, Nikola and Bokeh. He has started his own projects, ie. RISE (live_reveal). He has presented talks in several conferences. He's a member of PyAr and SciPyAr. Currently, he is software developer at Continuum Analytics.
Twitter: @@damian_avila


Description: In recent years, the Bokeh visualization library ( has grown into a large and successful open source project with heavy interest and following on GitHub ( thanks to the DARPA XDATA Initiative support and the contributions from community members. The principal goals of Bokeh are to provide to developers (and domain experts) with capabilities to easily create novel and powerful visualizations that extract insight from local or remote (possibly large) data sets, and to easily publish those visualization to the web for others to explore and interact with. This talk will describe how the Bokeh architecture enables these goals, and it will demonstrate how it can be leveraged by anyone using python for analysis, visualization and presentation of their work. We will talk about the current development and future plans, including a brief discussion of some interesting features such as: * Widgets, * Charts, * Embed API, * Abstract Rendering, * MPL Compatibility, * Layout Capabilities. About the author: Damián Avila is a data scientist, Python developer and, formerly, a Biochemist-Immunologist from the U.N.L.P, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently working as a Software Developer for Continuum Analytics since February 2014. His main focus of interests are Data Science, Visualizations and Jupyter/IPython-related projects. He uses Python as his main computational tool, but he also has experience using other high-level programming languages. In the open source area, he is a Jupyter/IPython, Nikola and Bokeh core developer with a lot of meaningful contributions to these projects. He has also started his own projects, such as the "IPython plugin for NINJA-IDE", vIPer and RISE (a.k.a. RJSE, a "live" slideshow machinery for the Jupyter/IPython notebook). He has presented talks and posters in several international conferences and he has written and taught tutorials about "Scientific Python tools" too. Finally, he is a member of Python Argentina, Scientific Python Argentina and the Quantitative Finance Club. For more information: * You can see my profile at *GitHub* here: []( * My *portfolio*: []( * And my *technical blog* here: []( More references: **Organizations** * []( * [!forum/sci-pyar](!forum/sci-pyar) * []( **Videos** * English * SciPy 2013 []( * SciPy 2013 []( * PyConUS 2012 []( * PyConUS 2012 []( * Spanish * SciPyConAr 2013 []( * SciPyConAr 2013 []( * SciPyConAr 2013 []( * PyCon Argentina 2012 []( * PyCon Argentina 2013 []( * PyCon Argentina 2013 []( Note: I selected English as the language for my talk, but I can also do it in Spanish if it is necessary for organizational purposes.